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DISC Coaching Report

DISC Coaching Report



DISC Coaching Report

Best for leaders and managers looking for coaching or development interventions.

DISC Coaching Report is an assessment that measures four separate factors: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. Put simply: the DISC assessment measures how a person does what they do. The DISC profile creates a language around observable behavior, which in turn improves communication, engagement, and self-development.

TTI SI’s DISC Coaching Report gives the most complete picture of an individual’s behavior. Our DISC assessment differentiates your natural style from your adapted, and also incorporates the neurological pathway differences between what you say you are and what you say you are not.
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Sample DISC Coaching Report

Note: After you make your purchase, the link to take the DISC Assessment will be sent to you along with your invoice through a separate email. Once you are done taking your assessment, you will receive the report in your email box within an hour of completion.


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