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Terms and Conditions

Certification Courses

The course fee is inclusive of the event proceedings, training fees, virtual technology platform and test fees. Upon the completion and receipt of the registration form and due payment, a confirmation and invoice will be sent.

  1. Any withdrawals post-payment, the attendance fee will be refunded, less $75 retained, per person for administrative expenditure.

  2. If you find yourself in the impossibility to attend the course after the registration process is already completed, you may delegate another person to attend the course in your place or choose another date from the list of scheduled dates available without any further fees charged.

  3. If you have confirmed and made the attendance fee payment but you didn’t attend the course, the course attendance fee will not be refunded.

  4. If you attend the course only partially, you will not benefit from any attendance fee reduction or refund.

  5. Synergogy is a brand under the parent company of Seven People Systems Pvt. Ltd. We will, at all times, seek to ensure that all efforts are made to adhere to meet the advertised package, however, were serve the right to postpone, cancel or move our scheduled program dates.

  6. If force majeure were to occur Synergogy accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused by events beyond their control, including, but not restricted to strikes, war, civil unrest, flight delays, or any adverse weather conditions.

  7. This accreditation program allows you to work as a practitioner of the course for your clients or your current/future organisation of employment.

  8. This accreditation DOES NOT allow you to certify others on being practitioners.

  9. Copyright and Intellectual Property: Any redistribution or reproduction of the program materials, once received, in any form is prohibited without prior written consent by Synergogy.

  10. The materials provided as part of this course is for the intended participant only. These materials are not permitted to be reproduced for any training or coaching purposes within or outside the participant’s organisation.

  11. We reserve the right to showcase you as a client on our website / social media platforms.

  12. Certificates / badges will be distributed in soft copies only, upon successful completion of the relevant examinations, as applicable.

  13. Participants will receive a digital badge authenticating the course accreditation/completion through CREDLY.

  14. Any online or offline recording and/or distribution of the training will not be permitted.

  15. The program will be conducted on Zoom as the platform for learning. No other platforms will be entertained.

Products & Assessments

All products or assessments that are purchased once will not be refunded or returned.