At Synergogy, we believe in transforming organisations by making them future ready.

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Synergogy helps create future workplaces

Based in Dubai, UAE, we work closely with clients from around the world, getting to the heart of their business to develop business and people solutions for the future. 

At Synergogy, we believe in transforming organisations by making them future ready. We are redefining how companies choose to operate today to match the needs of an evolved world. 


Used by over 500 brands all over the world

Come join our journey is creating future workplaces. We are dedicated to helping organisations become more agile, more collaborative & more successful.

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Bridging the gap between strategy & results

While many firms are able to find the right strategy, they often still struggle to execute. We know why.





Nikhil Maini
Nikhil Maini (He/Him/His) Chairman & Managing Director

Our Visionary Leader

Mr. Nikhil Maini is the Chairman and Managing Director of Seven People Systems Pvt. Ltd. which was founded in 2007.  He has conceptualized, articulated and implemented organisation development wireframes and culture transformation over the last 26 years. 

Under Mr. Maini’s leadership the organization has nurtured and grown OKR International and Synergogy as two global brands serving fortune 500 companies globally.

His purpose is to help organisation become more agile, more collaborative and more successful. Mr. Maini is known for his systemic approach to change management and has helped several companies achieve tangible results over the years.

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Our training & consulting services are offered in English, Italian, German, Spanish, Thai, Malay & Hindi.

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