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DISC Orientation

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D.I.S.C Orientation

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Building Resilience

D.I.S.C. Orientation Overview

This course introduces one of the oldest researched tools called DISC. DISC is a language of behaviors that binds people across the world. Millions of people have been introduced to DISC at the workplace. This workshop introduces you to the construct of DISC and help you learn about your behavioral and emotional patterns in the form of strengths and limitations.ger course is laser focused on how a manager’s role is different from an individual contributors role and what they need to change in order to succeed as a new manager.

Future Skills

Course Outline

Benefits of Vision-Mission-Values

Who Should Attend?

Anyone looking to discover themselves and their behavioral or emotional patterns. Highly useful for managers, leaders, customer service and sales professionals.

Future Skills

Course Methodology

During the program we use the principles of adult learning and draw upon a variety of modalities to create a powerful, stimulating environment for participants.

Learning & Development

Participant Takeaways

Introducing MicroLearningLabs™

30+ future skills delivered online over micro learning sessions of 2 to 3 hours. 


30+ future skills covered


2 to 3 hour laser focused learning


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